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American Bulldogs - General Information

American Bulldogs are lively, intelligent, determined dogs. American Bulldogs should be well balanced and strong. They have an athletic body build and are generally robust. American Bulldogs are bred not only for the show ring but also as working dogs. From an early age the dog needs a lot of training and requires much attention. The dog also enjoys work and new experiences.
 American Bulldogs - Pictures
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Height: 19-28 inches
Weight: 65-130 lbs.

American Bulldogs - History

The American Bulldog appeared in America in the 1700's with migration of people from England. The purpose of the dog was cattle wrangling. It was also used as a guard dog by the first settlers. The American Bulldog was not bred for show rings. In fact, with the development of the country and betterment of living conditions many people acquired the liking for European breeds, most of which served mainly as companions. Thus, the American Bulldog did not take part in shows much. The end result was that American Bulldogs did not lose their working qualities and are now second to none in prestigious competitions all over the world.

American Bulldogs - Types

The breeders and owners of American Bulldogs distinguish between two types of the breed. They are the Bully type and the Standard type. They have some appearance differences and should be judged accordingly. Thus, Bully type American Bulldogs should stand about 22-26 inches at the shoulder. The Standard type American Bulldog is 23-27 inches. Females are usually smaller than males. Both types should have an undershot bite. However, Standard American Bulldogs will not be disqualified from the show ring if they have a scissors or an even bite. It is considered a minor fault. Meanwhile, a scissors or an even bite in the dogs of the Bully type is the reason for disqualification. Thus, prospective owners should carefully study breed characteristics and choose between the types of American Bulldogs.

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